Weathering is an adverse effect on a material or product. It often causes unwanted or premature failure of a product. Consumers spend millions of dollars every year buying products that inevitably degrade or are replacing items that fail. We at ACS can help to prevent deterioration and premature product failure through weathering tests to assess a materials durability. The aging behavior of materials and products can be accelerated through environmental simulation in a
considerably shorter time frame than would naturally occur. We at ACS can help to test the effects of weather on your products.

ACS offers discounted pricing for volume testing of automotive interior/exterior parts eg. temperature cycling, weathering/fade resistance, heat and simulated sunload testing applicable to DVP&R test program materials ... frame moldings, body side moldings, body side panel components, grills, console bezels, guages, switches etc.

Our custom test program services include continuous monitoring and data recording of critical exposure parameters such as temperature, humidity, and solar irradiation.

Lab Accreditation
Here is a partial list of our testing scope:

ASTM D2565
DIN 75220
Instrumental color ASTM D2244
Instrumental gloss ASTM D523
MIL STD 810 F, Meth. 505.4, Proc. II
SAE J1885
SAE J2527(SAE J1960)
Toyota TSL 0601G
Toyota TSM 0501 G, Sec 9.2
JIS D0205, xenon weather-ometer
NEMA LD3 2005, Sect. 3.3
Nissan NES M0135, Sec. 4, 5
Toyota TSH 1585G

ACS maintains its ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation through  the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau
Our accreditation certificate and testing scope can be found here

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